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sharing a makeup now!

I am sharing a makeup now! I have been a tricky Candy fan for several decades. Who will forget their cooperation together with the "Flawless Four" from the film "Jawbreaker"? And those iconic rings beneath the touch candy? This is nostalgia that is pre-teen and me motivatedto be in I left up myself, daring. Hard Candy is using a Renaissance within my! I can't start to tell you the number of deals I evaluate there, not restricted to the beauty department. So catch your pumpkin pail and accompany me into the cosmetics counter...
(Just on Halloween can it be okay to resemble a tired zombie.) This specific formulation (shown in color "mild") provides excellent coverage without feeling or looking caked on and the price point is extraordinary. For study and from curiosity I recently bought expensive concealers two large end and neither match the bill. I am quite glad I returned to the item. Every concealer includes it's own little friend...a fitting pencil to perfectly pin point at which you'd prefer the item to work it's magic. Very handy to place in your handbag and utilize for touch ups in the event you own a **gasp** dreadful blemish that is destroying your day/life.
As a product collector that is severe I am quite certain about what I need at a gloss. All boxes are ticked here consistency, plumping power along with a tasty but not overpowering odor! It is my mission to find every colour but for this appearance I believed "Mellow Merlot" was only perfect. It is amazing over any lipstick that is red and that I understand I will get on the holidays. A lip is something that I really do a great deal but over Christmas I amp up it! 
As soon as I posted about it on Twitter, women instantly responded with remarks about how hard it is to learn that ideal "Cat Eye". (A black lady, obviously. It is Halloween!) I can relate because I strive for a appearance that is winged and wind up getting a mess that is smudgy. This pen makes it so simple to find that simple "flick" in the outer corners of the eyes. Plus! It's 12 hour remaining power! This stuff does not budge. Since I have begun applying this eyeliner on a daily 17, it has been over a week. It's now a staple in my makeup bag and I am telling all of my girlfriends to test it.
I pumped a dime sized amount of product and smoothed it. I then implemented a powder base and gave it a moment to sink in. I discovered an overall visible and smoother look pores round my T-zone. It feels great on the skin without being too which I have found pore skincare products to be. 
This tricky Candy signature jar! Too adorable for words. You can expect FUN colors. This one however was a spin on a deep purple. You observe the effect when the light strikes it! I thought I enjoyed the color but I was astonished at how it rivaled a few of my nail colours once I have a better look outside.
Saving money on beauty products that work? That's a cure AND a hint! While I guarantee you will rake at the compliments. As always I welcome opinions and your opinions! Thank for I want to be your ambassador, you Difficult Chocolate. Collaborations to come! 
Happy Halloween!
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