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colors sweet together

Aren't these colors sweet together? Reminds me of some type of sorbet! Using the fundamentals of the ensemble being the maxi skirt paired with a shirt and wrap scarf I saw an identical outfit. Because I had all 3 pieces I actually lucked out that the shades of sweater and the skirt complemented each other. When you're using plenty of color it is a fantastic idea to keep shades in the same "color family". Remember this suggestion to take the guess work! 
I must remind you that I do live in Florida. in November. I almost titled this post "Florida Layering" as we seldom get to coating pieces here. The weather is fickle and more frequently than not it is far too warm to wear sleeves! You may imagine my delight on a bright out this outfit to bust but not blazing hot day.
Your Spring/Summer maxi skirts should not remain in the back of your cupboard. Give them a second go with an outfit like this one to acquire mileage out of your wardrobe!
The demand for an "afternoon tea dress" in ones wardrobe is all but missing. But since when do we dress up for what we NEED and not to what we WANT? The concept of a tea gown like this one may not be "necessary" in today's society but that doesn't mean you can not sneak it in your modern wardrobe in a stylish nod to the past.
This vintage dress is super sweet featuring a gorgeous Summer floral print on a demure buttercup yellow background. The shape is super flattering, as I find most designs are, in how it highlights the hourglass form of a woman.
I felt no need to weigh down such a boldly patterned dress with superfluous accessories thus a classic set of golden aviators, naked non heeled pumps and a structured cream classic bag appeared appropriate.
I always like to fantasize about which dreamy place each outfit would require me to. In, I wonder, which jet set locale would this ensemble make the most sense? For this shoot I posed in what seems like a hot villa.
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