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Now in part two of my TuTu-torial I present a playful spin on this fun, feminine tulle skirt. Inspired by the sartorially influential TV character of the creation: Carrie Bradshaw. I've taken the classic "J’adore Dior" tank also included a candy classic color I picked up in Spitalfields market in London. As I have mentioned in past articles, I collect classic collars. I really like that I can detach them and add gloss or dress! I suggest looking on Ebay for a cheap one to test out.
Demure heels along with a high ponytail make this look contemporary for daytime or nightime but that I personally would really like to wear a flirty outfit like this to lunch at a charming cafe. Feels a little French, no? You could even swap the heels for flats, add a crossbody handbag and you have a much more casual day look.
My favorite part of blogging is socializing with my readers. But I could thank one of my subscribers for inspiring this specific outfit and a lot more. Because this is one of my favourite skirt shapes I am delighted to show you just how to wear it in interesting ways. This will literally be a "Tutorial" on TuTu's! I will break down every look and clarify why there is a full tulle skirt NOT a trend. It's a wardrobe staple.
I am calling this original look "Romantic" since I wanted to up the drama with seriously refined extras. A scalloped lace top with bow detail nails and a cranberry lip color that is romantic. This colour is "Bitten Berry" out of Pixi. It is my new red that is bold and I've been wearing it! I needed my hair to replicate the love, so I made a profound side-part, curled the ends and topped it off. This look would be perfect for a date night or a evening . I picked a set of sparkly cut-out heels from Zara that include some glamour.
In this four part series I will show you various pairings with this specific skirt to highlight it's versatility. So we have 3 more appearances to go within this TuTu-torial!
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