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I am so pleased to present a subscription box that is fantastic which you will enjoy at a discounted rate! (Information at the end of the article) The Luxury Divas accessories box has taken the guesswork from lace by bringing you a box of goodies which add fashion and gloss to any ensemble. Best of all...those boxes may be customized with you! Adding a personal touch is.
My expertise with Luxury Divas has become such a nice one. Friendly customer support, accessories and pretty packaging that compliments when I wear them. I had been so impressed together with the very first box I received which I immediately proposed a site take downtown Charlotte, North Carolina with my dear buddy @ThePhotoDojo. In the current post I am including his amazing professional photographs of a few of the accessories. Plus a preview of some other outfit we taken for a coming place where I styled handbag hook and the sunglasses using a polka dot striped and sweater skirt.
Also contained in today's articles are my selfies from the apparel I received and photographs of the remainder of the box contents. They are all listed in my description.
I loved this dress once I found it on the site because of the classic texture of it. I discover it flattering and feminine and am a lover of this bow tie detail. This will be adorable perhaps or in the Fall with tights over boots and leggings. Throw on a leather jacket coat and you are done!
I really like how versatile this really is! I will use this together with all of my scarves and match silver jewelry using it. My high heels are currently coming to show this piece off.
The scarf has suffered in last season where we found it everywhere. This scarf istable. Itry it and'll design it using a navy midi skirt and tank for Summer. Additionally, it functions as a headband or fur accessory.
-Black Shades (with apparent rims)
Sunglasses really are a touch of mine. (If someone does not tell me that I look like a bug, they are not large enough.) These are lightweight and all comfortable. I advise wearing them using a color that is bold.
That they included that this piece when were for the box from inventory. Gorgeous, right? If you are likely to put money into great purses (which I've done through the years with a couple of treasured bags) it is very important to take care of them rather than set them on the ground. Additionally, it is bad luck! This really is a way hang out of a desk and to lift your handbag. How did they understand?
With EVERYTHING this wristlet goes. Print and it form make it easy to match with any appearance that is daylight or night. It has invited me to scale back and downsize in my bag that was giant. My lipgloss, cards and keys.
I really like that this rhinestone belt is on a string so that I could use is as a buckle or lower on the buttocks with skirts or pants. Two rows of crystals guarantee that the sparkle factor is without looking overdone. I will use this and sling it on a cocktail dress on my girls night out! Plus here is a tip! If you like this belt test out the others on the web site for somer Cowgirl flare in colors and designs.
As promised I have a discount code that you enter at checkout (SOCALVAL25) which will provide you a 25% reduction on your initial Luxury Divas accessories box!
Particular thanks to Luxury Divas because of his or her generosity. As I've incorporated them into my cupboard in a variety of 22, keep 
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