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Vintage shopping

Nothing makes you feel more like a "lady" than a full skirt. I found this frog printed skirt onto a Vintage shopping excursion in one of my favorite spots in London: Notting Hill. Prepare to be overwhelmed with everything you will find! I saw this skirt standing out among the others on the stand and headed down to the bargain basement after scoring some treasures on the floor. Plus the pockets include a quality as well as being practical.
I felt very inspired by the series finale of "Mad Men" and some road fashion photos of Dita Von Teese that has been perfecting "The Art of Overdressing" for years. I really look up to her for bringing the hourglass silouhette to fashion's forefront. A retro frock like no other, as you can see in the pictures.
And every Fashionista will agree that with the RIGHT pair of sneakers you do feel invincible. The attractiveness of the brand I'm going to reveal is that while the bank won't be broken by each pair from the collection, they're guaranteed to break some hearts!
A day shoe is something quite exciting for every female I know. We all feel a bit more daring when it comes to embellishment in footwear, once the day turns into night. I decided to feature the stunning "Erin" bootie... today's feature for it's classic colour yet contemporary form. Can it be a bootie? Is it? To answer both, yes. Plus it's bedazzled in sequins for star power!
While Lauren Lorraine has been featured in my blog earlier (link below) I wanted to show you a fun nightime outfit that cries "PARTY!" In the rooftops. I started having an elegant yet undone updo to show off those black and gunmetal chandelier earrings. A simple floaty swing shirt by "Lavish" (bought from Nordstrom) was the appropriate ratio to equilibrium this tight sparkly miniskirt by "Express". I echoed the black sparkle in a simple beaded clutch that just cost me 10 dollars at a "Bijoux Terner" shop from the Orlando airport. Travel score!
The shoes are what you really notice first though, let us be honest. This showstopper bootie is available at the moment from our buddies at Lauren Lorraine! Get them in the link above!
In closing I have to share an extremely random story involving my "additional" gig as a professional wrestling manager/announcer. While I was thrilled to collaborate with the Lauren Lorraine brand as a mere fan of these shoes I was so thrilled to find that it is talented designer, Lauren Jones, is a former WWE diva! Is that a battle of what or cosmic fates?
Just goes to show you that even in pro wrestling, fashionistas are kindreds and also have a means of discovering each other.
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