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Growing up at the US loving style & supermodels there was nothing much more intriguing than "New York Fashion Week". Well an adult (rather) residing in England I have found something which rivals that NYFW dash: LONDON Fashion Week. It's what I love about the trend week which I am used to researching but...having an additional English flair! Loving everything and anything British I could not have felt luckier that chose me for this distinctive #LFW campaign.
This season we are excited about seeing what designers deliver down the runways which can impact our choices to come. But how can we prepare for a week of occasions? Together with the products from manufacturers you will need to learn about. Trust for getting to know these brands and knowing what each one brings to the table.
First up! I was starting with juices that n't cut it. Something SUPER billed. These smoothies are all I missed from the variety that is rancid. Add milk, water or your favorite juice and get mixing!
I whipped up each smoothie in under a minute and utilized my Bullet blender. I'm 100% prepared to incorporate @PACKDCo smoothies. I know I will feel better for doing this!
This beautiful "Fresh Faced" gift box out of Sweet Cecily's comprised an Almond & Avocado Face lotion that has been creamy yet light in program plus a Red Clay face mask that left my skin feeling soft and soft yet not tight (such as any masks I have tried) but nevertheless hydrated. My thing from this collection was by Rose Water Toner! Applied with cotton wool pads that this toner leaves a delicate rose scent and provides a sensation. My boyfriend commented about how pleasant it smelled. . . So I implemented it to his face. Not positive if Sweet Cecily's create the products of some men but the hint'm throwing out there it sticks!
In reading the literature that came with the box I found it intriguing that creator Cecily Fearnley cites that "each item was born from a customer proposal". This makes perfect sense since the sensation I got from this new is that it is something that I could envision being recommended to me by a close friend and it is one which I myself would love to present for my sisters, Mother, girlfriends etc. . Christmas! (Hope they are not reading this to get a spoiler alert...).
The moment I saw this new I knew it had been very ME! In the lines to the sultry photography that was 100% up my street. I have to admit to being cautious. I have modelled for lingerie manufacturers and many bikini I can honestly say quality on the market. Having to use lingerie or the swimsuits at a shoot I will tell you firsthand what may appear great look or doesn't feel good in real life.
Not True for Lascivious! The bikini I picked arrived in packaging that is lovely and has been was up to even my standards of swimwear! You may feel it the minute you get into the cloth that is durable yet soft-on-the-skin. No specifics were spared here. It is a lawsuit I understand I will need for years. Sexy and stylish enough to take in (more pictures coming soon! I can not withstand a complete photoshoot!)
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