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So I went camping. On purpose. Twice. Which makes me an expert, right? I can not say it's my "favourite" thing to do but when your fiancé and his family have an annual tradition of going to Le Mans (24hr Hurry, google it!) In France it becomes one of the "things we do to love". So today I thought I'd share some of my own #Glamping aka Glamorous Camping beauty fundamentals which have really improved the experience for me. We'll start with the basics:
This should be implemented no matter what even if it's remotely sunny. Do you need to end up looking like Magda from "There's something about Mary?" . No! Not a good look. I prefer a spray that is dry to the touch so you are not left with any greasy residue, after it is implemented. ESPECIALLY on the surface, where pigment is most important. I made the mistake of purchasing an oilier version of sunscreen spray and my cosmetics slid off. Also not a good look!
I would suggest bringing makeup wipes AND "new" wipes by Kleenex, as shown here. While makeup wipes are to be used at the conclusion of the day (that I always opt for sensitive skin because many of these can be very unpleasant) you will find yourself using "fresh" wipes for literally everything. To clean your shoes, your toes, your bags etc.!
Don't...I NOT ever leave home to camp with no bug spray. Bugs seem to love me! When it's my cologne or my charming character...I don't know. Is before I had it had giant round bites all over my legs and I was eaten up my mosquitoes. No Bueno.
When camping for over a few days, whether your sneakers are comfortable or not, cuts and blisters are almost a certainty. Stash a few in your luggage AND your handbag. Just in case.
Dry Shampoo
No explanation needed. Some campsites don't even have showers although showers at Le Mans are actually pretty decent. You may be married to a mountain man who enjoyed this sort of "roughing it" fiasco. If that's the situation? And maybe a can of hairspray too. You do not want your hair looking just like a witches broomstick...
The horrific part is come by here. I got a mani/pedi before we left (that I highly recommend) but by the end of the camping trip anticipate your feet to look like one of those forensic documents autopsy reports. Sorry to be graphic but that is precisely what mine reminded me of! Topping up your nail polish is a must as chips will occur.
And now for a little bit of luxury...
Caudalie Facial Mist:
A spritz of the refreshing facial skin will leave your skin nourished and hydrated. In case you've got it while 19, tip: for additional refreshment shop in a cooler or miniature fridge! (Accessible HERE!)
Dior Shower Gel:
Bring along at least one or two "luxury" goods in your favourite designer scent. It's little things like that that feel elaborate and cheer up you. (Accessible HERE!)
After receiving a sample of oil that is lip I was hooked! Instead of tacky or greasy like lip remedies, the consistency is velvety smooth. Slick this on before bedtime while you sleep, so it melts in and alert to lips that are hydrated that are beautiful! (Accessible HERE!)
If you follow my IG feed you know I have posted about this before. I don't leave home with this deliciously scented, creamy, dreamy moisturizer! (Accessible HERE!) It is THE perfect item. Lightweight yet does the job of nourishing your skin, without leaving it greasy. Before applying makeup, you only need to leave it. Or! It blended wonderfully with liquid base. **I really do wish it has some SPF, however, so be sure you employ that over your finished makeup.
Hope you enjoyed this roundup upward #Glamping necessities which will keep you feeling and looking great in the wonderful outdoors.
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