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The military tendency

The military tendency is one which I believe will not and shouldn't go away. I've made a look for todays article that is comfy enough to travel in but still has a bit of sparkle so that the "glam variable" isn't lost! What a catastrophe THAT is.
These trousers from the tag "Double Zero" are an superb shape that is super simple to use yet interesting enough to maintain the look contemporary. They are in a typical "Army Green" nevertheless possess a subtle glittered tiger stripe design. It was a welcome getaway from the typical cocktail dress!
To get a more casual daytime strategy I opted to get more comfy footwear, classic aviators and a black cargo coat. I must mention this pin/brooch also. Super trendy right? It's the first time I've noticed a medallion of this kind. I went home and began laying the brooches on various coats, coats & blazers. I am hoping these will be the first in a sizable collection! I love any type of unique accessory and all these are definitely a trendy touch to any outfit.
I am including a couple of street style appearances from Pinterest for one to observe how other fashionistas function the Military fashion. Comment below and allow me to know which appearance is your favorite!
This appearance, like the yellow mini cooper playing the use of my costar, is NOT for someone who does not need to stand outside. There is admittedly a lot to check at if it function as graphic stripes of this blouse, the vibrant pops of red in the trousers and sunglasses or even the hefty suede booties! Yet somehow I felt comfortable in the outfit knowing every piece was not competing with another.
I've talked about how much I love stretchy jeans in the newest "Hue". These trousers come in a rainbow of colours and fabrics from "Hue". (I'm dying to receive my hands on a corduroy pair that they have in mustard yellow!) Another standout piece, in my opinion, is this art deco necklace in River Island which I've tucked beneath the collar of this blouse to give it a type of "brooch" feel. However, since you can see peeking out in a number of the photographs, it is attached to a thick silver chain. In reality I can not take whole credit with this pairing. I'd never considered wearing it this way. Normally I toss it on as is or coating it with a more chain as noticed in my previous "Leather Accents" blog article.
I'll take it since I understand that fashion inspiration could come from anywhere.
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