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That Which I wore...

That Which I wore...
Shades: Michael Kors
To ME this is fairly casual in terms of how poor the heels really are and the shirt is. Why is this outfit so glam are the bits of gold in the Vintage scarf which is artfully knotted to hide a hole in it, which happens a LOT with elderly vintage items. I am assuming this must be in the ’70s right? It yells disco!
The sneakers by "Matty's" are extremely interesting to me personally. It is far from my comfort zone to opt for a heel. I typically despise this. (And anything "Biker"-y isn't generally my cup of tea either!) However, the buckles and leather straps intrigued me when I saw these. They comfortable and it's kind of nice to feel Rock & Roll on a traveling day.
Shine is a big factor here also. The patent leather handbag, pleather leggings, gold and sunglasses accessories give the entire appearance a shiny "rock star on tour" kind of feel. That's the way I interpret it. As with every outfit, it's ALL about the dream.
There aren't many things in life which thrill me over a new dress. But one of these is MARVEL! I am a fan of Marvel films, primarily The Avengers and the corresponding films associated with every individual Avenger. I hosted a section known as "Fightin' Fanboys" to get and was so honored to be featured on their website! Throughout the series I met with some excellent folks working for Marvel and was given the grand tour of their headquarters in New York City. It is a treasure trove of Marvel merchandise, movie props, original art and much more.
In deciding what to use for this MARVEL-ous occasion this lively black and white gown has been a no brainer. The classic silhouette would be ideal for a stroll round the city in my very own "Carrie Bradshaw" minute.
This apparel is one of a couple looks I'll be featuring here in the website from a fantastic brand referred to as "Hems & Fitz"! Have a peek at their online boutique here ....
My superpowers have been feeling 100% comfy in a skirt and high heels.
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