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THE way to feel glamorous

Don't we all dream about being mermaids? First off...I really like the instant elegance of a maxi apparel! This one is vintage (for just $15!) Out of Dechoes Resale. My favorite shop in my hometown of Orlando.
I discovered it for #10 and understood it'd be a piece to blend in with all these colors. I must say however, this type of coral background was my favorite. It stands out but still compliments the dress.
A breezy gown plus a statement necklace is THE way to feel glamorous in hot temperatures that are ungodly. I had such fun shooting in historic Ybor City, Florida on this day with Gunther. The farmer's market is full of crafts and amazing treasures. If you're in the area make sure to explore.
Cheery stripes! Blend them both and ta-da! #InstaOutfit. In keeping with the same colour family (or absence thereof, because I picked black and white) you can really have a lot of fun mixing patterns. With this fun shoot in Charlotte, North Carolina I had fun frolicking about in this cute ensemble. The sweater is out of Forever 21 and the adorable "cupcake" skirt is from Express. Two brands I LIVE in. To get a pop of colour I selected punchy red flats (just #5 in Primark!) To tour the city in and a simple black pashmina in case it got cooler.
Including finding the very best martini in town...that I did...but that's in another article, in another outfit.
Thank you to the Kevin Jordan, a friend and can I say very talented photographer, who shot these photographs. His info is under please check out his work!
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