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Spanish mamacita

So here I am in the beautiful Casa Vicens wearing a designer first whilst flitting about in my vacation.
...or uhh...more like I moved to Rollins College in my hometown of Orlando, Florida to live out my dream of being a Spanish mamacita in what I consider to be equally as fantastic as designer clothing: Zara Woman.
There is A flight delay something which could mess up your mood and traveling experience. However, I lucked out a couple of weeks back from London Gatwick airport to the US on my way home. I found this two piece top and skirt set marked down to only # 30 and found a triple reduction sale at the airport's Zara boutique. That is TOTAL. For both products. I was delighted to have the chance to shoot in this outfit and learn more about the sort of "pajama trend" I have seen countless blog articles about. In the event you didn't know, I usually sleep in silk nightgowns (mostly vintage) or slick pajama sets. I have a site coming up why I believe that they are so vastly underrated and dedicated to my love/obsession using nightgowns.
(Info on those boxes and a special discount code are found in a prior blog post about the brand! I included some glitz with my prized pave diamond watch (Dolce & Gabbana) that I wear every single day and a few black, rosary type beads with an elaborate cross. Me really inspired here since they always evoke a sort of baroque vibe while staying true to their iconic, aesthetic that was alluring. Google them and you will see exactly what I aimed for.
The black tuxedo jacket is worn slung rather than the IE: dull manner. It's the choice way that their jackets are worn by style editors and it's now something that I do all the time for instant chic! Try it! This black coat from J. Crew is one of my favorite pieces to wear on cool evenings. It's so much more sophisticated than say, a black leather motorcycle jacket. Though that would work here. But a tailored suit jacket worn in a carefree but manner, really elevates the appearance into land.
As with any ensemble I looked in the pieces and thought a lot I wanted to create with it. This is fashion story! All my things are here. Historic (appearing) buildings, big wavy hair, a feminine yet sexy outfit and large paparazzi-proof sunglasses. These are excellent for me to hide behind while I am pretending to be a sultry Spanish film celebrity in 1940's Barcelona.
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