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STELLAR outcomes.

So recently I obtained a few completely free goods from Influenster to attempt and was really thrilled that SKII was a new I had been selected to review. One of my favourite actresses Cate Blanchett is the ambassador of the brand and is famed. I had heard good things from other blogs about the products and I am so pleased to report that my review of SKII skincare produced STELLAR outcomes.
The essence was almost to good to be true. I had my Mother try it as she frequently tried various skincare products equally pricey and inexpensive so I knew she'd offer me her honest opinion. It was the same as mine: WOW. After one application it's possible to feel a difference. A "tightening" is how I would describe it. As if your pores have shrunken and your skin features a brand new "bounce" to it. Just place a few drops in your hands, rub and pat onto face and neck. That is it!
The mask was a type of odd consistency applied and when unfolded to the skin. It gave the very same results because the toning essence in a thicker application. The very best thing about this mask is that it is reusable. Just fold it back up, place it back into the pouch it came in, seal it up (I used a chip clip. Because I'm fancy like that...) and pop it in the refrigerator. As an additional incentive I think you'll like this refreshing, cooling sensation when you apply the mask chilled. Sit back and relax and let it work magic in your skin! I recommend once a week applying the mask.
I absolutely hate when products guarantee results that are incredible and don't deliver. This is a group of skincare products which will change the look and feel of your skin for the better. I suggest trying a small size of this toning essence first as an evaluation before investing in the pricier large size.
Best: Express
Skirt: Bebe
Coat: Classic
Brooch: Vintage
Shoes: Classic
What is it about train travel that seems retro? It all began with this 100% cashmere wool jacket with a REAL mink collar: found at a Goodwill store in Orlando for $4.29. Ahhh vintage/thrift shopping's benefits so often never cease to amaze me!
I chose to incorporate a classic polka dot print to give some whimsy. I picked for retro waves and makeup, vintage style hair jewelry and a costume brooch that belonged to my grandma. The shoes were purchased as the jacket for about $7. Are not the edges so candy?
This outfit is so "me"! I feel at home in looks. If I ever look in the mirror wondering exactly what "look" or "character" I feel just like portraying that afternoon, my internal voice always says: When in doubt, take the #Pinup route.
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