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Orlando's fabulous

On a rainy afternoon I made a decision to go to Orlando's fabulous "Morse Museum" in an outfit which made me feel positively intimate. Nothing, of course, is more romantic than white lace. But how can we incorporate such a "bridal" statement into a modern outfit? Toughen up this with chains and anchor the sweetness as I've done here.
This ankle strap heels has been an ideal shape to compliment the nod to classic inside this outfit. A classic Louis Vuitton pochette with a useful silver chain strap I stole off another one of my bag ensured I could be hands free to browse my museum manual.
The last piece I included were the retro frames from Collectif London which are now available from one of my favorite classic go-to brands. Collectif is one of the stores in London I see with every excursion. They are THAT fantastic!
As prissy because I am it's tough to feel that this last look in my 4 part Tutu-torial series is my favorite. Who knew that I would be felt so right to by a roll and rock spin onto a tutu? This is putting together outfits and blogging is fun. While I take dangers I surprise myself!
With this last appearance I wanted to make the perfect juxtaposition between soft and hard. I chose to top this tulle skirt that was sweet with a very tough looking. I absolutely adore the vest having an open criss cross design in back's twist. To replicate the edginess of this vest I included a hefty bootie for footwear, a skull printing scarf (McQueen motivated and just 4 pounds at Primark!) And silver extras.
If you're sad to find this Tutu-torial end I will guarantee you that more fun looks are coming up here on "The Art of Overdressing". You may anticipate a few more warm weather ensembles in the next month or so but between you and I? Spring/Summer is my favorite. It is FALL that has me! Hope you're prepared..
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