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Individuals building financial arbitrage

And the simple fact of the matter is this article is actually about two things.
Over the previous 10 years I've observed the technology and startup community move out of a place where folks were trying to build products for folks to utilize and alter the world, to individuals building businesses about those goods, to 
 machines (i.e Amazon, Facebook and Google) to today folks raising 6 million bucks to get their bullshit idea. More and more, each and every day, I meet entrepreneurs that are really very good at losing money, and then trying to raise more capital to shed more money annually. This civilization of celebrating failure and raising 14 million bucks to get an unprofitable idea is ludicrous to me personally and can not be sustained.
The truth is that there are many individuals in the world that are going to devote another 5--10 years trying to figure out how they could raise 25--50,000 bucks for their own startup. It's simply not a wise move. There are many ways to earn money. You may purchase and sell, you can get rid of old crap, you are able to move into a bigger flat for two decades, you can find an additional job, you can save yourself money and not venture out, you can skip Coachella along with the club and spending 500 bucks on stuff you do not require. And if you're patient rather than excessive you will find the money you require. I only think it's a greater opportunity to make selling crap and set up all of it into Facebook, wait nine decades and have $27,000 dollars to begin your first business.
I truly believe that it's time, after a decade of prosperity in the public markets and the economy, that we place stress on the entrepreneurial community as a whole to begin focusing on making money versus raising money. Too many 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 year olds who follow me on Instagram think that their first task during school, or from school, or as they are coming up, is to understand how to raise capital. They think to become an entrepreneur, they will need to learn phrase sheets, or find out customer acquisition expenses, or find out growth metrics merely to appease their next round of funding.
As a result of this, we have lost the craft of building a business, one which is profitable each month and may pay its' personal bills.
Please remember, I didn't raise a single dollar to begin VaynerMedia and I had nothing to advance on. In the time I had been making a small income and I had used most of my money to invest in different things.
At the conclusion of the day, the reason I wish to make this announcement, and one of the reasons I began the 2017 Flip Challenge is, which you are able to find another way. It might not be a million bucks but it's something.
Not to mention there is going to be lots of cynicism from folks emailing me saying, "Oh yeah Gary, you are really going to change people's lives by these making $48 per month, or $350 per month, or even $1,000 per month."
And we are not talking about a workbook here. The idea is that workbook and the calendar will be made with the objective of helping individuals achieve their specific, targeted aims.
For instance, during our validation and comments component of this experiment (which is happening today; more on this below!) In exchange, the volunteers could share their opinions about the experience.
Down the street, the strategy is to get a wide array of 90-day aims for folks to select from, each target with a specific roadmap for the consumer to follow. Since they're 90-day objectives, this leaves time for folks to achieve several aims through the year using the productivity calendar and workbook!
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