Best is here.

I don't have any interest in making the most money in the world.

The reality isthat I'm driven by heritage. Every decision I make is predicated on the very long run. It's not about what is in my bank accounts, it's about just how a lot of people will attend my funeral.

I need to talk about my POV because I'm ultimately patient. If there's one thing I expect becomes evident during my actions, it's that I'm playing for the extended game. I'm also incredibly empathetic that my over the top electricity and showmanship-like tendencies make this confusing. However, I Need to make this clear:
I genuinely wish to make a positive impact on the world. Not just on my own friends and family along with also the 150 people nearest to me.
The reality is, I think a lot folks consider their children to be their best legacy. For me personally I hope it could be that and something more. Due to the simple fact that I have been really blessed with this opportunity, and this personality, and this vitality, I am in a unique position to provide help.
I would like my job to impact individuals. I would like to make a real difference by allowing other people to syphon my own advice and achieve success in their particular pursuits. Whether as an entrepreneur, or an artist or a attorney or simply as genuinely nice and compassionate human being. I need what I do with all the Vlog and VaynerMedia, as well as PureWow and VaynerX and those articles to be of genuine use. I'm documenting this trip, not since I'm self-aggrandizing and I wish to see myself win, (Yet I'd be lying if I didn't say I appreciate my attention) but since I think it will be the ultimate source, the ultimate heritage and inspiration for generations to come.
Now I know that this topic becomes inflated, and I'm not here to generate a puff piece about how good or how smart it is to think long term. I simply wish to talk about my thesis, and describe why I believe adopting this philosophy may perform others a few great.
When you begin to think of heritage, you build an tremendous quantity of perspective and patience. The simple fact that I, in 41, still feel that the power and passion and desire of being 14 is a fact I wish to distill. Since the fact is that one of my friends reminded me that the "talented ones have the ability to be patient."
So many folks in the world are looking for the quick transaction, and making decisions which will benefit them today.
Instead, I've decided to go another route. I've chosen intense patience in the macro to dictate the way I act. It's why I'll reveal the subsequent 30 decades of professional travel to reveal to you the reality of what it's like to become an entrepreneur. It's why I give away my very best marketing secrets at no cost.
It's to show you that my definition of a fantastic human being. It's to show you the tiny interactions, and the impact and also the lovers. It's to show you the meetup at 3am as well as the 600 emails I receive each week. It's to show you the selfie outside of Starbucks and the tens of thousands of you who have the ability to take my advice and really go execute. And most importantly, it's to demonstrate how challenging, how really HARD, I've worked to make this occur.
And trust me, I am acutely aware that my heritage is much more about what my community generates than that which I produce since the scale in which that potential lies is much more than any one individual. No one has absolute control over how they're going to be recalled. In actuality, what I do is just a small number of this equation.
To be honest, I think my actual legacy is that. It's the material you produce about me. It's the way my rant on self-awarenessallowed to find your passion and get started blogging on basketball or music or dancing. It's your selfie in the toilet saying.
It's the innumerable interactions which will go hidden. It's the thousands and thousands of lives I'll touch only by being a part of this conversation. It's just one thousand or 10,000 or even 50,000 of you who will watch my trip and learn from the examples I've shown. It's the girl that had the guts to talk to her teacher about being bullied, and managed to conquer her fears.
It's my expectation of being recognized because the people's entrepreneur.
It's my family and my employees and everyone who ever believed in me. It's the rural farmer in Idaho who didn't understand anything about Instagram but decided to begin an e-commerce business and create an additional 4,000 dollars annually.
It's the 5,000 individuals who participated in the #2017 Flip Challenge or the #2027 Flip Challenge that created an additional 500 bucks that really made the difference.
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