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Hey buddies! Are we loving Spring far? This year is all about new beginnings...and it is THE ideal time to attempt NEW beauty products! With "Handpicked Box" I have found several new products to stash in my attractiveness purse. Let us dig into what "Handpicked Box" has artfully chosen for it is April 2017 box...
This Broad Spectrum, oil free #Moisturizer includes a a hefty quantity of SPF (43) to maintain the Suns harsh beams. When spending a day in Walt Disney World, I set this! Upon program it felt mild on the skin and did not leave it feeling tight...that is SUCH a pet peeve of thoughts that I see with multi-purpose skincare solutions. At the end of day my skin has been hydrated with no hint of oil or sunburn. Winning!
I need to admit that from all beauty products I believe #lipgloss is my obsession! Which means I have around, oh I dunno...perhaps 7 in my bag daily? Do not judge me! I suffer with indecisiveness! This shade was stunning on it AND on top of naked and pink colors of lipstick. The sheen is flattering. I use the term "sheen" carefully as a SHEEN I love. Not a cheap. This gloss is moisturizing and not tacky.
Did Handpicked Box understand I went through an stage? As pictured here a lipstick and I blended this lip crayon when sporting a orange dress. (I tried it on it's own and it had been a bit too bright for my complexion). It blends well with coral lipstick as well as the crayon form makes liner obsolete. Shocking I know, as I rave about lining!
Now that I am over 30 I understand I want to begin considering placing my makeup so that it does not budge, although I really don't like to acknowledge it. When I least expect it, sneaking up! For cosmetics BEFORE it is applied, with regions of the face it is ideal to wrap the skin. I allow it to set in for a moment before applying concealer and eye shadow and spread a very small quantity of the eye primer on. It is amazing they both combined! Have a foundation is crucial.
Due to the staff that is Wonderful and Alexia at Handpicked Box! If you want to sign up use this connection (! You will get FIVE full size beauty products deliveered each month for $39.99 + $6.50 shipping. When youreceive your box and've signed up make sure to send it ! ENJOY!!! xoxo
Valerie Elizabeth Wyndham is a American host/model/actress of both English and Welsh descent, nationally known for her work at professional wrestling for a director, wrestler, ring announcer and on-air sponsor for FITE TV and BAMMA (British Association of Mixed Martial Arts) observed on Spike TV UK.
Valerie has represented such companies as White Sands Hair Products, Morphoplex Fatburner, Labatt Blue Light Beer & Swisher Sweets Cigars. She also writes a style website offering her fans a behind the scenes look in her style. Valerie is open to the notion of a job and splits her time between her hometown of Orlando, FL along with her residence in London, England. Please use the contact page and Valerie to talk .
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