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Gingham to me screams!

Isn't it funny how certain prints actually "speak" to you? SUMMER, Gingham to me screams! It is super sour. This recent buy from River Island (apparel available here: Black Gingham Cold Shoulder Frill Shirt Dress) has made more cameos in my life than MANY dresses I have had for decades. I love everything about it. The detail along the peekaboo shoulders, the cloth that is breezy and the breasts. That by the way...I'm beginning to hate the word "cold shoulder", so I am officially changing it. Besides! "Cold Shoulder" does not apply to summer clothing anyhow because we are all melting our faces off. Or at least I've been...but anyway...getting back on track today.
I took photographs in this little dress in Bruges which was possibly the most beautiful place I've ever seen. It was comfy enough to wear all day as I hopped about to cafes in hopes of taking the Insta-shot that is ideal! Since the dress is rather voluminous in shape, I added a straightforward Black Tassled Skinny Scarf (additionally River Island) which I bought last Winter. Remember they were? Now that it's too hot out to have that cloth on the neck, they make sashes to snap your favorite outfit around.
Once it starts to get colder out I could toughen up this look with a leather jacket. Which is exactly what I am SO praying for, incidentally. Heat and I don't get along. However, for now you'll find me in the shade with a cool beverage. Which, for those wondering, is my go-to shade of "Cruella" from NARS.
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As a model, Valerie specializes in Fashion, Glamour, Pinup and Lingerie modeling with extensive experience in Tradeshow and Fitness modeling. She also writes a style blog offering her fans a behind the scenes look at her style. Valerie currently splits her time between her hometown of Orlando, FL and her residence in London, England and is open to the idea of a project. Please use the contact page to speak with Valerie . 
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