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Exact same precise questions

I get asked lots of the exact same precise questions over and over again: How can I setup a site, how do I set up a newsletter, where did I access my website theme (it had been custom built), and also what exactly wordpress plugins do I utilize.

Hmm...perhaps I need to set up my own blogging program or something.
25 of my favorite WordPress plugins -- a few you know, and a few you don't.
Here is a list of WordPress plugins which all WordPress blogs ought to have, Regardless of What the topic of discussion is:
1. This plugin assists with your site's on-site optimization by easily allowing you to edit either the title, description and keywords for your website, in addition to all your individual blog articles, along with other things.
2. For those beginners out there, do not fret about each of the settings and additional options that come along with it -- so long as you install (and activate) it, your site ought to be ready to go.
3. If you are running Adsense, you can be prohibited as a publisher if you don't own one.
4. Akismet: up to now, Akismet (or as I like to call it -- the most underrated plugin ever) has assisted intercept 91,656 spam opinions from landing on this site. Ridiculous! I will not discuss what that means here, but you will find instructions about what to do when you activate the plugin.
5. A broken link might be a link which does not work since you typed the URL incorrectly, or it could be that it links to is no more available. Once you activate this plugin, it will take a day or 2 to get through your site, but it definitely cleans up the crap!
Other Plugins Whom I Use
Here is a list of a few of the plugins that I use, though I do not use all of these for every website that I own. It Is Dependent upon what kind of site it is, so browse through the description to Find out if it's something you'd find useful
6. Thank you for your patience with this!) , which again helps with exactly what the search engines see and also what they do not. The most important portion of this plugin is that you've got the ability to inform the search engines not to index or crawl through certain pages of your site, and you also have the ability to specify whether or not to include the follow up along with meta tag to certain things. If this kind of discussion is over your head, do not be worried about it, however if you'd like to find out more you need to see the robots Meta video above at
7. RSS Footer: When people read your articles in an RSS reader like Google reader, what exactly do they do once they are done reading the article? If you do not need a call to action, then likely nothing. This is the reason I love this plugin since it gives me the ability to state just a little something extra to people that are reading my articles not on my website. You may request them to visit your website to leave a comment, you may give them just a little thank you message for being a subscriber, or you can ask them to turn into a lover on Facebook or accompany you around Twitter. One time, I even held a contest in my website that was for my RSS subscribers using this plugin. Needless to say, when I declared that the principles and the winner were going to be declared on the RSS feed, I watched a group of new subscribers that day. Very good times.
8. TubePress: This is the plugin which easily produces this video gallery in my website. If you've got a YouTube or a Vimeo accounts and a couple of videos to cooperate with them, then you can put a gallery up exactly like mine in a post or perhaps in the sidebar of your site.
9. It basically makes a pub that includes social media buttons which remain on the display for a reader scrolls down the page and it may be customized to include any variety of buttons which you wish. It comes with the typical options like Twitter and Facebook (though it's exactly the talk button, not the like button, in the present time), Digg, Reddit, etc. -- however, you can include your own custom switches also.
10. Aweber Web Form Plugin: This is a completely new plugin, hot off the press, from the kind folk over in Aweber (full disclosure -- I make a commission if you buy Aweber). This was made to make it incredibly simple to drag and drop web forms which you have created in your Aweber account without ever having to log-in into Aweber and then copy and paste any script or code. Really cool.
11. I know I'm not the only one with this issue since people have asked me about this also. Well, unless anyone can enlighten me (you'd think there could be a simple means to do this in WordPress), even if you would like to reorder the webpage links in your navigation menu, then simply use this plugin.
12. WordPress Database Backup: I utilize this application to automatically send me an email which contains a backup file of my WordPress site every single day. You will never know when something can happen to so backup, your site and copy !
13. WordPress Stats: There are dozens and dozens of different plugins which help you keep tabs on traffic statistics for your site, however this one is one of my favorites. It will require a API (like the Askimet plugin), but it's well worth the little problem to install since it gives me real time traffic outcomes. In real time, I will see how many pageviews my website receives, precisely where they're coming from, and what they're clicking on. In addition, it gives me a list of the keywords and phrases that referred visitors to my site also. Superior stuff
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