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Don't you love this time of the year?

Hello fashionable buddies! Don't you love this time of the year? The April showers have washed away and it's time for the sun to shine! If you are like me and always place fashion you understand that the sun is your spotlight for a completely new look.
Last month I challenged you to add a pop of color. But now that spring is in full swing...why don't we up the ante? When deciding upon a colorful outfit consider dropping your hemline! Sweeping "evening dresses" called maxi gowns are cropping up on the high street in a rainbow of colours and a myriad of styles! A dress will give elegance to your everyday stroll.
For the ensemble pictured here I chose a shade of crimson paired with blue accessories. Rounding out the look is a pair of strappy, metallic stilettos and a small clutch. However, flats would be a option that is practical if you would rather save your soles! When owning a flowing maxi dress you'll find a lot of pieces that are reputable make sense with the shape of it.
A denim jacket, for instance, looks very trendy with a maxi dress. Bonus points if you throw the coat insouciantly. This is a trick all fashionistas utilize and understand well. Placing your arms trough the sleeves of a jacket is getting to be a thing of the past! Google the term "shrobing" in case you do not believe me.
As trend evolves we find ways to express ourselves. When it's a dramatic maxi apparel worn during the daytime or during the night I think you'll find yourself sashaying down the road with panache! As long as you feel comfortable you'll radiate confidence...that is the very best look of all.
In advertisements and commercials, Valerie has represented such companies as White Sands Hair Products, Morphoplex Fatburner, Swisher Sweets Cigars & Labatt Blue Light Beer. As a model, Valerie specializes in Fashion, Glamour, Pinup and Lingerie modeling with extensive experience in Tradeshow and Fitness modeling.
She also writes a style blog offering her fans a behind the scenes look at her unique style. Valerie is open to the concept of a project that is new and currently splits her time between her hometown of Orlando, FL and her home in London, England. Please use the contact page and Valerie to talk directly.
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