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Both successes and failures

I have some exciting news to share along with an enjoyable video competition that you participate in! But first, as a few of you may know, I wrote a book titled Allow Move, which recorded my own experience in getting laid off by my architecture project in 2008, and finally overcoming that adversity through a commitment to pursuing my own route.

After being let go from my occupation, with time, I also realized that needed to let go of those barriers keeping me from doing what I was supposed to do. Letting go was an integral component of my success as an online business owner. And I have to say about that.
I am launching the updated and enlarged edition of Allow Go!
Expanded Edition of Permit Go: What Is It All About?
The enlarged edition of Let Move is an exploration of what it implies--for me and for you--to give up the things keeping us from achieving our targets. When you confront obstacles and challenges on the way, it's about letting go of those limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward.
Since writing the first edition of Allow Move, I've learned a lot of, in both successes and failures. With the edition, I wanted to find a way to continue my narrative, and also to reach and serve more individuals with substance and guidance on art and the act of letting go. I wished to give you a vision about this future, from what is possible to the challenges you will face as you build your business and create the life that you wish to live.
I'm very excited for you all to check it all out!
Starting on August 21, you will have the ability to purchase your copy of this publication on Amazon.
But hey! That is not all. To celebrate the book launch, we are hosting a competition to give you an opportunity to discuss your let go narrative. I shared with my let go narrative.
Let Move Story and Video Contest
Sharing Your Permit Move Story:
If you've got a story of letting go in your pursuit to something larger--in your life or your business life or both--you have a story. Letting go is all about letting go of those obstacles you've faced and will face in your journey.
To Go into the Let Move Story Video Contest:
Record a video (no more than 3 minutes) of you telling your permit go narrative. Be open, honest, and do not be afraid to find exposed (but please keep it appropriate)! Publish your video into YouTube or Vimeo (be sure that the video is put to public, not private).
As soon as your video is uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, take that public link and place it in the remarks of THIS BLOG POST.
I will review each one of the let go narrative submissions in the remarks section of THIS BLOG POST involving August 1, 2017 and August 24, 2017 and declare the winner on August 25. Do not feel like you will need to generate some impact in online business or anything. This is the story, and that is important to me personally.
You might be wondering exactly what a day with me might look like. Well, allow me to give you a good idea.
Time to talk about business, life, and anything else you need to talk about!
A tour of my new video recording studio, and we're going to even go live together if you are up for it!
Dinner in my regional favorite restaurant!
And much more!
Sound fun? I expect you are able to enter the Allow Move Story Video Contest, and I can not wait to see all of your amazing videos!
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