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Accessories inspired by 1920's style straight.

The ensemble of today was created from head to toe, beginning with this cloche hat I bought in the UK Pavillion of Epcot. Accessories inspired by 1920's style straight.
The hat's color was a challenge. Can it be mauve? Brown? I had a taupe sweater in my closet ago that I thought piled the hat! To maintain the look complicated and not sweet I inserted a basic button down.
The booties have been a thrift shop buy which I paired with a ruffle sock that is simple. She, as one would have in her era, holds on to the Edwardian shape and does not stray from it. Violet often voices her daring opinions on the "gruesome" modern clothes worn by the youthful "Lady Mary", performed by the brilliant Michelle Dockery.
Mary is a character. But her ever optimistic, exceptionally female younger sibling "Rose" is my favourite Downtown personality, performed by Lily James. The 1920's is one of my favourite eras. When you have a look at is overall you will see why I would not be with unflattering frocks and haircuts. But! Hat styles (such as the one I selected here) and a lot of different styles and accessories of this era are absolutely FABULOUS. Long strands of pearls, Jet jewellery beaded evening bags and gloves galore!
Trust me. View "Downton Abbey" to your Fashion initially and you will end up staying for the play.
I am pleased to report that I'm currently a formal brand ambassador for the favorite lingerie manufacturer: Dreamgirl International! This can be an lingerie manufacturer beloved by not just me but many models in my circle of friends. I worn and have purchased Dreamgirl Lingerie for decades in both private and skilled settings. Flipping through their glistening catalogue has always been a treat for me since it highlights feminine beauty when paying attention to this "dream" aspect of lingerie which makes it so very exciting!
Residing in Los Angeles for several years I was about a lot in shops and boutiques that are large that I thought were somewhat nostalgic. The gap is quality from the way and at the garment. Though the models in the catalogue are all thin and nicely endowed...I feel that the ideal sort of lingerie is the kind you're able to observe any lady in. My girlfriends are available in all sizes and shapes and though I do not usually pick out their bedroom apparel for these (I uhh.... Will leave that to them!) I can surely see all of them in different Dreamgirl "seems" to match their varied personalities. There is demure lace for my more conservative women, sassy leopard bits for my fashionistas, "Moulin Rouge" motivated corsets for the romantics as well as a few rolls of patent leather to my crazy partners! The ones who believe the sort of tequila shot is your next one.
Lingerie would be the kind of empowerment. If you do not believe me...try any Dreamgirl outfit of your choice and then wear it alone. Pour a glass of champagne, play with some songs that is hot and step into a high heels. The lingerie that is ideal does not need. The look you are after is one that you're feeling amazing in...even all on your own. Which is a terrific way to try out it! It feel nice must fit snugly and also emphasize your parts which you are most pleased with.
Before I return to our regularly scheduled program of speaking about fashion that provides coverage, I'll ask you one question.
Enjoy, women. Send me your comments at the "Ask Val" section and allow me to know how you have on incorporating sexy lingerie in to your already fabulous closet.
I could not resist including it in this shoot! Meow!!!
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