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#HardRock lifetime

It is a #HardRock lifetime for me! Calling Orlando my hometown receives ooh's and ahh's from folks I meet. Especially people in England. It makes me giggle because I believe being from Florida means endless days that are sunny and put retreats back. With all due respect it is really correct. Though I am used to the vibrant resorts of Orlando (not whining!)
Far enough but close enough to get the escape of a girl I put out to find the lay of this land together with my BFF Erin, of decades. Our first stop was. That is what they call the little! Diane was informative concerning amusement the grounds and areas we would play in.
We met with we had at our cabana which was filled with snacks, drinks cushions, towels! She advocated some of her favorites. For beverages we admittedly did not want help...we had our eyes set on a couple of the merry alcoholic drinks which were yummy and refreshing. It was a couple of hours we spent in the pool, within the pool and about the pretty environment of it.
Erin and I each chosen for deep tissue massages. We were escorted into a fairly waiting room (pictured) using flavored water and healthful snacks and then altered in what I can only explain as a luxury women's lockeroom.
As a result of my slacking in my typical yoga routine as well as my current long plane journeys in chairs as rigid as a back was in such pain! Because she gave me a complete body massage I went to my massage and educated Kristen of my state. I was happy to listen to her guidance and recommendations that I can do to lower the pain if it arise. This was a difference to massages I have had where the person was creepy, chilly or silent with no audio and breathing. (Yes that occurred once!) . This massage was comprehensive and that I felt 100% at simplicity.
I must mention which Erin wasn't in my area but might have been. We are going to save that for partners of ours. Although I don't believe the gossip is going to be as amusing...
The touch in the spa, following our massages, was incidentally we were each awarded an spoonful of sorbet. Refreshing and a classy touch! At the chic lockeroom we fulfilled together with our spa trip and enjoyed the jacuzzi and steam room. After another quick jaunt into the pool (and possibly another cocktail...but who is counting?) We were prepared to receive on our ROCK!
Changing gears into day outfits based on black lace and leather metallic accessories we headed over to the "Hard Rock Cafe" inside the match, stopping by a couple of machines to test our fortune. I was mad about that and dropped about 40 cents. My desire was worked up by that losing!
We were greeted in the front of this "Hard Rock Cafe" and carried to a snug booth close to the stage. Turns out this place can be a music site that is badass! Different to so many additional Hard Rock's I have seen in Los Angeles, Orlando etc., this one had it's own distinctive allure. And talking of charm...our server Freddie could not have been more enchanting. Right off the bat we were introduced by him . We started I am craving cauliflower bites and STILL! These were yummy. Crispy, tangy bites of heaven. Served with blue cheese or ranch. (We'd both!)
Our entrees were beautiful. As you can see in the photographs the demonstration was enjoyable and brilliant. The prosecco we picked is one which I expect to incorporate in an upcoming post of "Glass of Bubbly" magazine. Stay tuned for this one!
I included a photo. Freddie advised us that if it wasn't served by them he went to receive us them. Now that is service! We were told he'd no thought we do a review that made eagerness and his demeanor.
After some more gaming...where I dropped a whopping four bucks that I'm still just a bit cross about...Erin and I headed home speaking excitedly about what an enjoyable time we had living the "Hard Rock Life". The decoration, memorabilia that are intriguing and atmosphere is exactly what I anticipate from the Hard Rock. But the team is what made us need to return someday.
We wish to thank all of the staff that made us feel like rock stars and Darien out of the social websites of Hard Rock! Next time please stop from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Inform them SoCalVal sent ya!
Valerie has represented such companies as White Sands Hair Products, Morphoplex Fatburner, Labatt Blue Light Beer & Swisher Sweets Cigars. She also writes a style blog offering her fans a behind the scenes look in her style. Valerie is open to the concept of a job and splits her time between her hometown of Orlando, FL along with her residence in London, England. Please use the contact page and Valerie to talk .
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